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City demand for fakes go up

By Vishnu Nair


By Vishnu Nair

Bengaluru: Nov. 23, 2018

Fake branded football merchandise is available at a tenth of the original price in the local markets of Bangalore. Original Premier League t-shirts sell at Rs.3500 to Rs. 5000, while low quality fakes can be bought at around Rs. 100 to Rs.200. Shop keepers say that these t-shirts come from China to Mumbai and reach Bangalore from there.

Pasha, at shop owner at National Market said “Our market goes up during the football season, people buy Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid t-shirts the most, now we see people asking about Juventus.”
Mehboob, another shop owner near Halasuru said “I sell these t-shirts at Rs.100 to Rs. 200; we get a margin of 10 per cent.”    

Juventus t-shirts are also up in the market with Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Real Madrid. Shop-keepers say that customers are of all ages, young children, teenagers, elders.

Sreejith Pillai, footballer at Hard Shield Warriors Football academy, said, “I always prefer first copies because we mainly use them while playing; prices of original ones are too high.”

James Johnson, Nike’s store manager at 1 MG Lido Mall said, “Business is affected but we don’t have a proper evaluated numbers. People prefer these products as they are cheap. We provide premium quality with offers of replacement. Charges of this quality t-shirts are high so customers opt for fake ones.”

Moinuddin Gulam, a customer, said, “I prefer first copies as they are cheaper compared to the original ones.  An investment of more than Rs. 2000 on t-shirts is not worth it”.

Vivek Gokhalani, Adidas store manager, said, “Yes, it affects the business as many people sell first copies online as well. They promote it on social media platforms like Instagram to get business.”





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