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 Hoskerahalli Lake going to be Dredge till March 2019

By Sweekriti Bharti


As the Hoskerahalli Lake has sewage water flowing in it, its odour restricts the people to pass by.

By sweekriti bharti

Bengaluru, 22nd November, 2018:  The Sewage water enters the Hoskerahalli Lake,
It is stinking and has not been cleaned; the lake comes under the BDA.

A Resident said that the fish in the lake are dead. But the fishermen even sell the dead fish. Farmers in the area also cannot use the water from the lake for irrigation due to which they have to spend money on bore wells.
A farmer named kemphappa said that he cannot use this lake water for irrigation anymore as they use to before. Mita who is a maid and works in nearby house said that the lake water stinks and the air always have foul smell around as she walks her way from the Lake to work.

The BDA authorities (Lake department Assistant/reporter for lake executive engineer)Sumanthi said that ‘the process of regenerating the lake will start soon and will be completed in few months, as the extended deadline is till March 2019’
She also said that BDA has planned to put ‘ring bund’ around the lake so that the waste is not collected in the water.
They tried working with building up ring bunds but the residents in the area want BDA to dredge the drainage water from the lake first.

Dr A.N Yellappa Reddy (environmentalist) says that “the crops cannot be grown by the farmers there as the crops turn toxic and hazardous for the consumption purpose, it also damages the land”
Also it is unfit to use the water for any purposes.
The BDA Authority has planned cleaning and pumping out the waste from the lake but till now no action has been taken.

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