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Two-Stroke Autos Continue to Pollute the City

By Anurag Maan



Despite the ban, over 25,000 two-stroke engine auto rickshaws ply the roads in the city.

Bengaluru Nov. 23, 2018:

Karnataka government’s ban on two-stroke engine auto rickshaws is not being implemented successfully in the city. State transport department data shows that approximately 27000 two-stroke engine auto rickshaws are running in the city. Records also show that 138 auto- rickshaws were seized in the past year.

Jagdish, an autoricksaw driver, said, “The ban was imposed from 1st April this year, and  we were promised Rs. 30,000 subsidy to convert our auto-rickshaw to four – stroke engine auto-rickshaw. We filled up application forms six months back but we have not received anything yet.”

Mr. Rudra Murthy, Secretary of Karnataka Auto Union said, “The government did not have any proper plan to implement its ban and that’s why they could not stop auto rickshaw to run on the road. The amount given as subsidy is also very less.”

He pointed out that an auto rickshaw approximately costs Rs. 2 lakh while the government is only giving Rs. 30,000. A poor auto rickshaw driver cannot afford Rs. 1, 50,000, he said. “Even if they take loan, it will be difficult for them to repay. We requested them to increase the amount to Rs. 50,000. But no action was taken by the government, ”Murthy said.

The Transport department said that the amount was provided on time. Mr. Gyanendra, Joint Commissioner, Enforcement said, “We have been giving them subsidy on time. There has not been any complaint in the past about non-payment of the amount.”





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