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  A single ambulance for  an entire taluk

By Vashita Sharma


More than seven lakh people in Manvi taluk depend on this one health saver. And, it does not always save lives.

Bengaluru: Nov. 22, 2018: Manvi Taluk has one ambulance for its entire population of seven lakh people. Consequently, there are times when its services cannot be accessed.

Suresh Patel, who was waiting for treatment at the Manvi government hospital explained how he lost his mother. “My mother died because there was no ambulance which reached in time. The driver said he was busy taking someone else to the main hospital,” he said. He added, “There is only a single ambulance for so many people and not everyone has a car here in case of emergencies.”

To add to their woes, the hospitals are not easily accessible either. The district hospital is 50-70 kms away from the taluk and the public transport system in the taluk leaves a lot to be desired. The buses do not run on time and the roads are in a sorry state.
The lack of an ambulance also proves expensive for most people. Venkesh swamy complained, “When the government ambulance is not there we have to use the private ambulance which charges us per km. We easily spend Rs. 5000 for one side.  A lot of people die on the way.”

The ambulance driver said that his job is quite hectic and he gets multiple calls in a day making him unable to choose where to go first. Chandrashekhar Swamy, the taluk officer said, “one ambulance for so many people definitely poses a lot of problem for the people and the drivers. We have been asking for more ambulances but the government has put it on a hold.”





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