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Kodagu coffee planters still waiting for government aid.

By Yusha Rahman

They are yet to recover from the landslides. Some of them have lost entire estates.

BENGALURU: Nov, 23, 2018

Many coffee plantation owners in Kodagu are yet to recover from the losses they incurred during the recent floods. They say that they have received no compensation from the government.

Hunain, who owns a coffee plantation and has lost most of his coffee crop said, “I have a loss of nearly Rs. 20 lakh. Even after the compensation we will get Rs. 80,000 based on eight acres of land that I own. But, the government has not even paid that much.” He said that he will not be able to pay his labour wage now.
The government is expected to pay Rs. 13,500 per hectare for horticulturists who have lost more than 33 per cent of their crop, from the National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) and State Disaster Relief Fund.

Sreevidya P.I., District commissioner said, “We are trying to see what we can do, for loss of coffee lands due to landslide we are trying to rejuvenate it in some other location.”
Government data estimates crop loss at Rs. 38600 lakh, while Rs. 6390 lakh is to be claimed under the NDRF.   
Pramod Somayah, Program Manager of Kodava Seva Samiti said, “Center government has paid Rs. 500 crores to state recently, but the government work is very slow, It will take a lot of time to give them compensation. Currently they are focusing on resettlement of people.”




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