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Domestic violence rates come down in Koppal

By Malvika Ramesh


.Awareness programmes have made the district a benchmark for the state. The number of domestic violence cases has reduced by 58 percent in Koppal district.

BENGALURU 23rd Nov. 2018

Koppal has seen a 58per cent decrease in the number of domestic violence cases as compared to last year, according to a survey by the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD).

Sudha Narayan, an advocate in Kushtagi Civil Court said, “In 2017 we had 310 cases reported in Kushtagi alone and 1500 in Koppal district. In 2018, until the month of October, we have had only 100 cases in Kushtagi and 400 cases in Koppal district.”

The Department of Women and Child Safety are ensuring that villagers across the district are educated about the importance of reporting domestic violence cases. On a regular basis, talks are held in Anganwadis informing women of their rights.

Laxmi Dutta, head of Srushi Mattu Mahila Gramanabhivrudhi Samsthe (SMMGS ) said, “The State Government along with different NGOs working for women welfare go to anganwadis in all villages and tell them about the importance of gender equality and how women should stand up for themselves. This has helped a lot of girl children as well as married women.”

A woman from a village said, “My husband used to beat me up regularly.  But now, we went for counselling and since a year, he has not domestically harassed me. It is only because of the counselling sessions.”
Laxmi Dutta head of SMMGS added, “We have women from across the district approaching us for funds to start new business. They have started a new generation of women empowerment.”

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