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BU loses nearly 120 sandalwood trees this year             

 By Muralidhara Shetty


The university’s vast area with no boundary walls makes it susceptible to thefts.

BENGALURU, 23 Nov 2018

Bangalore University’s Bio Park has been losing sandalwood trees to tree thieves. Bio Park authorities said that nearly 120 trees have been stolen from the campus this year.

Dr. T. J. Renuka Prasad, Coordinator of Bangalore Bio Park, said, “Earlier there used to be one or two tree thefts. No action was taken against them. So they started stealing 10 to 15 trees at once. Now we are trying our best to reduce thefts with police beats and CCTV cameras.”

Bangalore University campus has over 850 acres, with no proper boundary and compound.  People can enter through Mysore road and exit through Nagarabhavi. Authorities say that that explains why trees in the campus are vulnerable to thefts.

H N Shiradatti, Sub Inspector of Bangalore University police station, said, “University has requested for police beats during night when 36 trees were stolen in a week.  We didn’t receive any complaints from last two months.”

The university is building four high watch towers in the campus area to keep an eye on thieves. CCTV cameras have been installed. 
T. Manohara, scientist at the Department of Forestry, said, “The cost of sandalwood ranges from Rs 1000 to 9500. It depends on the buyer. To avoid the thefts, they have use dogs and fencing.”





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