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Granite industry weighed under losses


 By Sohini Das



Factory owners  and manufacturers are leaving the business as they are hardly making any profit.

Bengaluru,November 23:
The granite industry in Karnataka is facing a setback  due to a shortage in raw material.
Ramavatar, a former president of Kushtagi Granite Association said, “We are  facing 60-70 per cent losses for the last three to four years  as most of the mines have been declared illegal and all the legal mines are exporting raw materials at prices we can’t afford.”
Mining in several areas like Kushtagi, Ilkal and Hulligere has been ceased. Shekhu Chavan, Assistant. Joint Director of Industrial Department of Koppalsaid, “Most factories are running losses due to the lack of raw material. The main reason behind this is the ceassation of illegal mines. There are few legal mines left who mostly export the raw materials. The government is trying to solve this problem as soon as possible.”
Firoz Pasha, owner of Kohinoor Granite, Bomanahalli said, “We don’t take raw materials from Kushtagi or Ilkal because their price is high and material is not very good.” They buy their raw material from Tamil Nadu and Andhra.
The difference in royalty charges in Karnataka and other places is also another reason the industry is falling apart.

Paresh, owner of Kanaka Sculpture said, “We bring granite stone from Kanakapura, Dodaballapur and other places. Recently the prices have gone up. Our sculpture rates have increased as well. Customers are buying less. We are running losses.”




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