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Kadlekai Parishe heads north

BySoumya Vyas


Groundnut farmers are uncertain about the shift in venue for the Kadlekai Parishe.

The three-day festival that began in the Kadu Malleshwara temple on Friday is being held for the second time in north Bangalore.
Traditionally, the Parishe has been held in Basavanagudi. About 200 farmers came on the first day. Organizers say that they are expecting more than 500 famers and traders from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

“The one in Gandhi Bazaar is bigger than this. We don’t know how many people will visit this place or whether we would earn the same as in Gandhibazaar. We haven’t had any profit up until now. There are two more days left and we’ll see if we make any profit,” said Vijyalakshami, a trader.
The festival is celebrated on the last Monday of Karthik month, every year. Framers say that the tradition started when bulls used to eat the ground nut crops of the farmers and farmers offered a part of their crop to the Nandi.
“I have come here for the first time. Earlier I went to the Basavanagudi temple. Here I can see that the Ishwara is also decorated by the ground nut, where as there it was only the floor. So this is a good thing here,” said Bhavya, who lives in Malleshwaram.
Organizers are geared up about the new venue but the farmers and traders do not look really confident about it.




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