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Bumpy ride for the dead to the graveyard

By Devansh Dixit

The road to the graveyard in Anchepalya has been left half built

Bengaluru: Nov. 23, 2018

The last ride of the dead in Anchepalya is not a smooth one. The road to the graveyard has been left half constructed. The grasses and bushes on the road make it difficult to reach the graveyard.

A local resident Aamir said, “the authority was building a road to the graveyard two months back, but suddenly one day the construction was stopped and it never started again.”

Mr. Babu who lives just beside the graveyard said, “It is very difficult to take dead bodies to the graveyard as there is no path to that place. People have to struggle a lot in order to take the body to the graveyard.”

In February the gram panchayat had had promised that a road will be made to the graveyard. Though the road was constructed, it has not been completed and has been left unconstructed.

Y.V. Balasubramanya, Secretary (Kumbalgudu Gram Panchayat) said, “we had started work on the road but during the election campaign, it was stopped for a brief period of time. We will start the repair work again; it should be done in a few days.”

In the meantime, the construction material left there continues to block the access to the graveyard.




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