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Here comes the cancer bus!

By- Kanika Chamlegi



Kidwai Institute will soon introduce buses equipped to identify cancer patients in rural Karnataka.
BANGALORE, Nov 23 2018
Cancer diagnosis in rural areas will become easier when the Asha kirana buses roll out with a digital X-ray unit and auto analyzer among other equipment.
Developed by the Centre of Development for Advanced Computing (C-DAC), the bus costs around Rs. 2 crore said Dr. C Ramesh, officer in charge, Kidwai Institute of Oncology. The bus also has an ultra colour adapter unit, ECG and a facility for the examination of gynaecological cancer patients, he said.
 Kidwai Memorial Institute in collaboration with Bharat Electronics Limited, plans to introduce this service soon. This bus is expected to go to the villages and conduct cancer detection camps. Dr. Ramesh said that this was important  because if detected early most cancer can be prevented.
He said that a separate team will be assigned for these camps. It will contain specialist doctors, technician, nurses and a social worker.  The Department of Community Health of Kidwai Institute will operate the bus.




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