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Sexual minorities want basic civil rights

By Swagata Banerjee

They say that despite the decriminalization of Section 377, they have no access to civil rights

Bengaluru, November 20:

Sexual Minorities complain that they have no access to basic civil rights despite the Supreme Court judgment decriminalizing Section 377.

“Though SC has decriminalized section 377, the government has absolutely done nothing for our civil rights, these civil rights include right to adoption, property rights, marriage, right to medical facilities, surrogacy and life insurance,” said Aniruddh, a volunteer of Coalition of Sex Workers’ and Sexual Minorities’ Rights of Karnataka (CSMR) , who identifies himself as a queer.

He added, “We are still discriminated, sexually harassed and still not accepted by the society. By just giving reservation, the government is telling us that 'here's little bit for you so stay happy and keep quiet now’.”

Riyana, a trans woman who is also a volunteer of CSMR said, “There are no hospitals where proper medical facility is available for the transgender community, whenever I go to a hospital and ask for medical help, I get ignored by the doctors and nurses.” said.

Some people, however, feel otherwise. “I think they are treated equally to all other genders, there is no kind of discrimination towards them in all segments,” said Kapil Dixit, criminal lawyer.





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