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Bengaluru auto-rickshaw drivers lose to the metro by Aditi Saha

Lack of bus service causes difficulty in transportation for BU students by Aishwariya Patnaik

L.R Nagar lacks water supply lines by Anthony Fernando

Pedestrians prefer jaywalking over the subway at K.G bus stand by Damini Dhanraj

Lack of staff in Jalahalli Primary Health centre by Komal Rani

Open drains, infectious diseases plague Chorupalya by Neha Bhan

Ashok Nagar slum residents lack access to clean toilets by Pooja Dhole

Footpath-riding motorcyclists a menace to pedestrians by Poojitha Jayadevan

Town Hall pollution and accidents rise by Rachel Windsor

Bengaluru City Police lacks staff by Shreya Mishra

Fewer single-screen theatres force people to spend more by Swetha Gowda

Open drains in Golahalli ruin villagers’ health by Vidyut Deshpande


Lack of STP pollutes lake in Chikkabanavara by Abhilash Mariswamy

Garbage and stench in KR Puram by Astha Singh

Pourakarmikas burn garbage in Indiranagar by Dikshita Saikia

Cars with tinted windows continue to ply by Kritica Sinha

Flyover construction leaves people homeless by Mahesh

Molestation cases increase in Bangalore by Poorbita Bagchi

Cows dying of polythene poisoning by Radhika Gilda

School uses road as playground, blocks traffic by Sahana Ramaswamy

Transport causes most air pollution in Bangalore by Susmita Das

Crossing the road here is hazardous by Vishal Chawla


Fewer fire stations in Bangalore than needed by Abhishek Upadhaya

Tough to cross roads near Bethany school by Aditi Saha

BU students needs buses by Aishwariya Patnaik

Then ‘Vrishabavati river’ now ‘Kengeri mori’ by Aman Arora

Cauvery water supply to L.R Nagar Contaminated by Anthony Fernando

Horamavu residents take the long road home by Damini Dhanraj

Garbage near Urdu school makes students sick by Komal Rani

Lack of streetlights worry residents by Neha Bhan

Pedestrians continue to risk their lives at K.G bus station by Pooja Dhole

Footpath-a new parking area by Poojitha Jayadevan

Contaminated water for S T Bed Layout by Rachel Windsor

Bannerghatta’s tryst with drainage problem continues by Shreya Mishra

Vendors lose business due to leaking drains by Swetha Gowda

Schemes don’t help rag pickers by Vidyut Deshpande



BBMP loses due to illegal hoardings by Abhilash Mariswamy

‘Repaired’ potholes return quickly by Aditya Paul

Drivers ignore one-ways in Koramangala by Dikshita Saikia

Interactive games showcased at Global Jams 2016 by Poorbita Bagchi

BBMP collection fails, garbage gathers beside railway track by Mahesh

More BMTC passengers booked for ticketless travel by Radhika Gilda

City loses 15% water to leakage by Sahana Ramaswamy

Most govt hospitals have no treatment plants by Siddharth Chakraborty

Tobacco still sold near colleges despite ban by Susmita Das

No chemistry lab at split Bangalore university by Vishal Chawla




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AIDS programmes on hold, no funds by Abhishek Upadhyay

Nirmala toilets blues: poor sanitation and maintenance by Aishwariya Patnaik

No bus shelters, wilted commuters by Aman Arora

Petty shops hit severely due to Cauvery Bandh by Damini Dhanraj

K. Golahalli houses lacks toilets by Neha Bhan

Computer Syllabus, no machines in government schools by Shreya Mishra

No Students, Teachers quit by Smriti Suri

Volleyball- Postals defeat Hoysalas by Swetha Gowda











Goraguntepalya flyover to be ready in 2 weeks: BDA by Abhilash Mariswamy

Pourakarmikas do not use protective gear by Dikshita Saikia

Gollahalli farmers use sewage water for cultivation by Poorbita Bagchi

Diabetes increasing among 30-35 year olds by Radhika Gilda

Trees to be cut for road project by Sahana Ramaswamy

People queue up for sim cards by Vishal Chawla



Night shelter homes in Bangalore in very bad conditions by Abhishek Upadhyay

Transgenders do not get to select third gender options in many prominent banks in Bangalore by Aditi Saha

Students in Govt. Nursery school in L.R Nagar face health issues due to garbage by Aishwariya Patnaik

IT City witnessing rise in high end cyber crimes by Komal Rani

Various PHCs on Mysore road face shortage of basic medicine supply by Neha Bhan

Karnataka sees higher adoption of girl child by Poojitha Jayadevan

Transgenders in Bangalore denied access to basic amenities due to orientation by Rachel Windsor

Crowd goes wild on the historic win of BFC by Swetha Gowda and Damini Dhanraj

Under constructed Foot over bridge creates nuisance for disabled commuters by Vidyut Deshpande






Citizens file RTIs on steel flyover by Abhilash Mariswami

Hebbal bus stop demolition leaves commuters in the sun by Astha Singh

Generic medical store lacks common medicines by Kritica Sinha

BBMP biomethanation plants need more workers by Siddharth Chakraborty

Jaywalking fines go up in Bangalore by Susmita Das.

Thalassaemia patients worry about shortage of crucial drug by Vishal Chawla

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Animal Birth control program held up by Abhishek Upadhyay

Differently-abled child do not get admissions by Aditi Saha

Bangalore women still wary of police stations by Aishwariya Patnaik

Pharmacists ignore pollution control board rules by Damini Dhanraj

Dark Diwali for potters by Komal Rani.

Karnataka fire and safety department lacks staff by Pooja Dhole

BMTC buses are badly maintained by Rachel Windsor

Dirty toilets plague Kengeri school by Shreya Mishra

Scheduled drugs easily available online by Swetha Gowda

Drunk and drive cases increasing in Bangalore by Vidyut Deshpande



Notified farm lands leave farmers in limbo by Abilash Mariswamy

Vendors feel the pinch of demonetisation by Aditya Paul

Caesarean deliveries going up by Aishwarya Patnaik

Many city hospitals do not have mental health schemes by Jagori Mukherjee

Child labour, an urban curse by Neha Bhan 

No cashless transactions in BMTC and Railways yet by Poojita Jayadevan

City expansion creates threat to wildlife by Rachel Windsor

Bad handwriting cannot be excused by Sahana MR

Private sector slow to employ visually impaired by Vidyut Deshpande



Chickpete market falls prey to demonetisation by Aditi Saha

No toilets for Transgenders in Smart City by Komal Rani

Depression still a taboo by Kritica Sinha

Poor access to healthcare cripples slum dwellers by Poorbita Bagchi

Poor infrastructure plagues Bengaluru’s atheletes by Prathmesh Tripathi

Curtains down for company theatre in city by Radhika Gilda

Many government schools have no computer teachers by Shreya Mishra

No Access to medicines under ESI by Siddharth Chakraborty

Renal failure patients wait in vain by Vishal Chawla



Government building pose challenges to disabled by Abilash Mariswamy

Unsafe helmets- no fines, but plenty of injuries by Aditya Paul

Most lives lost due to lung and heart disease in state by Jagori Mukherjee

Hate speech in today's free speech by Neha Bhan

LR Nagar residents wait for long bus by Poojita Jayadevan

Other states take the Jallikattu path by Rachel Windsor

Short films take up social causes by Sahana MR

Biogas plants in the city shutdown overnight by Vidyut Deshpande



Edition 2B (Sem 2)      

Citizens remain unaffected by the announcement of the budget

Shortage in supply of swipe machines resulting in slow market

Antibiotics remain ineffective to contain Tuberculosis as patients keep dying

Goldsmiths lose out on customers because of change in trends