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Data shows that less than 20 per cent farmers  opt for crop insurance fearing low insurance cover. Vishal Chawla and Niranjan Reddy finds out that lack of awareness amongst farmers limits their options.



Increasing cancer cases threaten Bangalore women

Doctors are of the opinion that rising awareness among women is resulting in more cases being reported every year. Siddharth Chakraborty finds out that Bangalore ranks third when it comes to cases of breast and cervical cancer.

Power looms doom handloom weavers

Power looms are responsible for the decreased number of indigenous weavers in Karnataka. Aditi Saha finds out that 40% children of handloom weavers do not wish to inherit the profession.

Volleyball players in Karnataka struggle to get recognition

Medals, awards and certificates cannot compensate the lack of opportunities for alternate careers for volleyball players. They tell their plight to Kritica Sinha.

Bulldozing the Jallikattu ban; supervised by the commissioner

Image Courtesy - Indianexpress

Paalamedu has been partying with bulls. Anthony Fernando witnesses the Woodstock of bull lovers; the frenzy even leading to injuries.



Bengaluru International Film Festival concludes today

Film festivals were only about the slow and the solemn, but the ninth edition of the Bangalore International Film Festival has changed that perception by screening an entire segment of French comedy films. Reporter Radhika Gilda gives the highlight of the event.

Union budget 2017: Band-aid for poor doctor-patient ratio

Medical education in India suffers not only because of infrastructure but also because of the doctor-patient ratio and the lack of seats. Our reporter Abilash Mariswamy examines what difference the 5,000 additional post graduate seats per annum will make.