Anchepalya flyover bane to commuters and residents

Published on November 12, 2021 by

The flyover construction has led to an increase in accidents and fatalities.

Bengaluru : The development of National Highway-275 between Anchepalya and Mandya has led to 4 fatal traffic accidents in the last two months. Dijendra, who runs a bakery shop, said, “My shop is just in front of the flyover and I witnessed many accidents in the past one year. Some of them were fatal.”
The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), has been developing a stretch of National Highway-275 from Anchepalya. As the construction is still on, raw material is left on the side of the road, which is blown into the air, reducing visibility. Dust particles go into commuters’ eyes leading to accidents. The Kumbalagodu police say that 70 percent of the cases registered in the area are related to road accidents.
The Kengeri Traffic police state that nearly eight percent increase in the registered cases under the Motor Vehicle Act,2019 in the past two months. Police also added that controlling traffic during the weekend is another challenge that they are facing nowadays.
The construction dust also causes traffic congestion, delaying regular commuters. Sharanu Hundekar, a commuter, said, “Before it used to take five minutes, now it is taking nearly 10 minutes as I need to go around to reach the destination.”
The highway construction has also affected residents of the area. They find it difficult to walk as the roads are dug up leading to waterlogging when it rains heavily.
Nagendra G, the Urban planner, said, “Increase in traffic signals, signboards and, speed breakers can reduce traffic jams and accidents to some extent.”
Residents are hoping the construction work, expected to complete by September 2022, is completed quickly.

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