Bangalore Police is taking the help of volunteers to regulate the traffic

Published on November 25, 2019 by

There is only 4600 police constable in the city. Now and then Traffic jams happen. These Traffic wardens help in the regulation of the traffic. Each week traffic wardens work 6-8 hours on weekdays. Also during festive seasons or on arrival of any VIP, traffic wardens act as an extra hand of the traffic department.

Mohanan Nambiyar, Chief of Traffic warden organization says that training of 2 days is provided to each new member. IT Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, etc are a member of the organization.

Traffic wardens also aware people about traffic rules by organizing workshops in schools and colleges. Traffic Warden also distributes publicity material like posters, templates, etc amongst common people to create awareness about traffic rules and regulations.

At present, there are 390 active volunteers under the traffic warden organization. The Traffic warden Organization aims to increase this number by 300.

Gangadhar S, DCP east Bangalore says, there is heavy traffic in the morning time, from 7 am to 11 am. Whenever these wardens get time, they help the traffic police.

Anyone having a 10+2 certificate, having zero criminal records can join the organization. After filling the form a volunteer has to face the interview. On Every alternate, Sunday parade of the warden is being organized. However, no reward or status is given to wardens.

Ravikumar N, traffic constable says on Saturday volunteers come and help in better regulation of traffic. Each Traffic volunteers get allotted a particular area.

With the increasing number of vehicles, it has become very difficult for traffic police to manage it properly. This initiative has been taken to improve the traffic condition of the city.

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