Banned drugs on sale

Published on December 5, 2021 by

Banned drugs are causing health issues among people because of being widely sold in the market.

Bengaluru: Despite the national ban by the Ministry of health and family welfare, banned drugs are sold in India and are available without a prescription at pharmacies.

These medications might be habit-forming, said Dr. Medhavi Aggarwal. “It can severely hamper your kidney, liver, and food digestion. The most frequent liver condition is liver cirrhosis, which is lifelong liver damage,” she added.

Bhagoji T Khanapure, State Drugs Controller, Government of Karnataka said that Karnataka doesn’t allow the manufacturing of these banned drugs. “If they are going to manufacture and sell here. I’ll take action as per the law,” he added.

Dr. Shon Mathew R, a community health specialist, said, these drugs are easily accessible and pharmacies sell these over the counter without any prescription.

“Lack of rule but even the implementation of the penalties is very poor. So, ideally, they should put a rule that without prescription you can’t get it or if it’s ban you can’t manufacture it. Some sought of the strict penalties should be livid upon these people,” he added.

He also commented that it is important to have a system, where pharmaceutical companies and medical stores get monitored. So that they don’t sell drugs that are banned.

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