BBMP to introduce new initiatives to tackle illegal dumping

Published on May 10, 2022 by

Evening door-to-door waste collection shifts and other initiatives to be launched soon


Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP)has planned to introduce an evening shift of door-to-door waste collection that will help to tackle the problem of illegal waste dumping and growing garbage black spots.

Basavaraj R. Kabade, Superintendent, Solid Waste Management, BBMP, said, “We are comprehending of a second shift (garbage) collection. We also want to have NGOG initiative, which is No Garbage on Ground Policy. Hopefully in the next one year there will be no blackspots. The first shift, second shift, kiosks and other enforcements, are the plans that we have for the future.”

Most residents in Bangalore miss the morning door-to-door collection shift which is from 6 AM to 10 AM, as it clashes with their work schedule. Jijesh RG, a resident, said, “Everyone in the house leaves for work early, so usually our household help gets it disposed. Near our house, there is a place, under a bridge where everyone in the neighborhood throws the garbage. So, if they now start collecting it in the evening, it’ll be helpful for all of us. We can dispose it in a better manner.”

BBMP records show that Bangalore produces 5500 metric tonnes of waste, of which BBMP handles 4200 metric tonnes. Currently, BBMP has successfully eliminated 1800 of the over 2500 black spots in the city.

Solid waste management experts however believe that BBMP should also focus on commercial waste collection,whichis a larger contributor to the illegal garbage dumping. Sandya Narayan, Solid Waste Management Expert, said, “The door-to-door collection is only for residential areas, so the part of the collection from commercial has never been a part of the formal sector. It is often the smaller commercial food units that get fined by the marshals for illegal dumping, as their waste is too large to give to door-to-door, and its expensive to give it to a private guy. Since there is no service for them, they dump it illegally. We’ve been talking about the fact that there is a need for a separate collection mechanism for them that is also suited to their timing.”

With BBMP allocating more man power to combat illegal dumping, one can hope that the new initiatives will help eradicate the problem.

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