Blackspots in Bangaluru Have Become a Major Concern

Published on October 28, 2021 by

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Blackspots are becoming a major concern in Bangalore

Residents are facing issues due to the failure in the clearing garbage.

Yukta Shah

Bangalore, Sept 28, 2021

According to BBMP data, out of 2000 blackspots, only 800 have been cleared. The residents of these areas are worried as it is causing diseases like dengue and malaria. BBMP officials say that if the residents do not co-operate, it is going to be difficult to keep the city garbage-free.

However, when asked, BBMP said that it is not their responsibility to clear the blackspots but still they are doing it. BBMP alone cannot control to remove the blackspots. Ugly Indians is an NGO that works in association with BBMP. The NGO said that their work is done with private funding and CSR funding from different organizations. They are facing issues in the process of clearance of blackspots. They face a few issues like the shortfall of capacity. The amount of garbage that is generated and the amount of capacity of the BBMP to collect the garbage, and take it to the processing site, is not enough to actually cater to all the houses. According to the superintendent of waste management, the big blackspots or the legacy blackspots are generally found below the flyovers, remote places, and the like. Even though they have hired more marshals for it, the results are not adequate. Due to these garbage blackspots, the local residents are facing a lot of issues. When questioned, one of the residents said that their place stinks a lot and the garbage near their house have created a lot of mosquitoes due to which people are falling sick. There are people who are not complying with regulations and are charged a fine of Rs 1,000. There are so many blackspots in Bangalore and BBMP is not taking any solid action in clearing them.




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