BMTC buses found exceeding set pollution limit.

Published on September 27, 2019 by

Approximately 5 percent of BMTC buses emit smoke in the city which is creating Air Pollution.

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) buses are found creating a lot of smoke in the city.

BMTC official says, ‘That due to five percent of buses commuting every day this is happening.’

Daily BMTC bus user; Rumki said that she suffers a lot due to the smoke emission from BMTC buses. When she goes to ‘Majestic’, one of the main bus depots in Bangalore, she always carries a mask to keep herself protected from the smoke and gas emissions.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of BMTC Deepak says, ‘If the vehicle crosses the specific emission limit, which is 65 HST, the concerned authorities have to take up the work for the maintenance of the polluting buses to reduce the smoke and overall pollution. But approximately 325 buses each day emit smoke higher than 65 HST.

Despite having computerized facilities for checking emissions at every bus depot, BMTC buses continue to emit smoke. Karnataka State Pollution Control board has also directed BMTC to maintain its buses for the above reasons. But BMTC officials also assure that they conduct strict checks on every bus. The PRO mentioned, “The moment we get to know there is a problem in any buses we immediately inform the concerned depot to check the emission level.”

Puneeth, an environmentalist says that all BMTC buses use diesel engines.

Diesel engines release a large quantity of dangerous gases chemicals like carbon mono-oxide, hydrocarbons that cause diseases like such as skin cancer and asthma, etc. He also added by adding small steps like maintain buses well we can make a small but visible difference in the society.



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