Burning of solid waste and garbage in a Vacant Land causing pollution.

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The burning of garbage and solid waste in R.R Nagar near NICE road, where people of nearby residence and resorts use to dumped and then it is burnt.
By- Sajeet Lakra
Bangalore August 29, 2019
A vacant piece of land near the R.R Nagar, NICE road, has become a dump yard where garbage is dumped and burnt. The Land looks like a dump yard, where residents and resorts of nearby areas dump the garbage and solid waste for so many years. Since, the roads which connect to uttrahali is not maintained, people use it as the waste dumping yard for so many years. Burning garbage releases various harmful chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulphur dioxide, and heavy metals. These radiations are known to cause respiratory elements and stress the human body. Both human and environment is getting affected. Though, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has worked pretty much by increasing the penalties of open burning garbages. People are filing complaints in the BBMP Solid waste management website and it has been taken care of most part of Bangalore. Solid waste management is taking large care to exaggerate the waste, which people don’t do.
Mostly, the nearby resort uses to throw the garbage, as they know the area is vacant and secluded. As, there is metals, toilet seat covers, and many things. Even the residents of Kadipur and R.R Nagar, the one who don’t segregate their waste, they use to dump the waste over there. Later, the waste is also burned by the people, which causes a severe problem to Bangalore.
“It’s very difficult for people to use the road because of the garbage. The land is Vacant for more than 20 years, for which people use to throw the garbage every day”, said the local resident Sharath(Taxi Driver) of R.R Nagar. “The complaint is also been filed by the local resident to the BBMP, but no action has been taken”, said the Ajay(local resident) but nothing has been taken care of.
Segregation should be maintained by the municipalities. Most Important, for the bulk of development such as resorts, hotels, apartments so that any non – compliance can be caught and fined. And to even make sure that these places should be strict in segregating the waste, otherwise, it’s a problem for them
“Most importantly, for the bulk and huge development of these areas such as resort, hotels, and apartments is been caught and fined for not segregating the waste. And to make sure that there is no place for the unsegregated waste to dump”, Said P.Bineesha of ( International Institute of Waste Management). The resident and the resort , don’t segregate the waste. Paurakarmikas don’t collect the garbage from them. Hence, these people throw their garbage in secluded or vacant places.
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