Canteen workers worried over possible relocation of Indira Canteens

Published on April 19, 2022 by

Government planning to shift Indira canteens to crowded areas but caterers and customers might not be happy with it.

Bengaluru: BBMP has announced plans to conduct a survey of Indira canteens located at less populated areas and shift them to crowded areas such as bus stands and railway stations.  However, customers are concerned about the lack of alternatives.

Vikram Patil, a regular customer of Indira canteen, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar said, “I am a daily customer here. Shifting canteens will not be good because local people around here come daily to get affordable food. Where will they go if these get shifted? Instead of relocating, maybe they should do something to improve the quality of the food.”

The Indira Canteens offer food at subsidized rates. One plate just cost Rs. 10/-. The caterers worry about their local customers here and say that business is running fine. They instead request BBMP to pay their allowances due since last four months.

Manjunath, Caterer at Indira canteen, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar told CityCast, “Relocating the canteens is not good as we have our local customers here. They rely upon us. The business is running fine. We haven’t in fact received our payments from last four months. They are doing nothing about it.”

However, experts on the other hand are of the view that shifting these canteens to crowded areas might be beneficial. Anto Junofy Rozarina, a behavioral economist said, “The target audience is very different for general eating joints than these subsidised canteens. Poorer people might not be able to afford food at these expensive eating joints but here. And therefore, moving these canteens to more crowded area do make sense. May be they could technically start new canteens in other more crowded areas or just offer subsidised food in pre-existing eateries for poorer people.”

BBMP is not just thinking to shift the canteens but also hand over the food supply contracts to Iskcon. If this happens, then there are other problems for the food suppliers working with Indira canteens.





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