Channapatna Toys Back in The Game

Published on May 10, 2022 by

There is an increase in sales of Channapatna toys by 30-35 percent in last two years due to increasing environmental concerns.

Bengaluru: The sales of authentic wooden toys made in Channapatna have increased by 30-35 percent in the last two years. During Covid many of Channapatna toy businesses moved to e-commerce platforms and social media. The detailed description of the toys’ authenticity and making helped them reach potential buyers.

Kishore Gouda, owner of a Channapatna toy store, said that they have added educational toys to meet the needs of consumers. “It’s quite good. People are more concentrated on Channa Patna toys than other toys. Younger parents are focusing on these toys,” added Kishore.

Channapatna toys are made of ivory wood and vegetable dyes. It is believed that Tipu Sultan got these toys as a gift from a Persian king. Awestruck by the toys, he invited Persian artisans to train local artisans of Mysore Presidency. Hence, from 18th century the craft of Channapatna toys began. They use basic instruments like Lathe. Chisel. Sickle, Hammer, sandpaper, nails and oil to make more than 1500 varieties of toys. It also has a geographical indication tag by world trade organisation.

In last 10-15 years, the 18th century products were replaced by cheaper plastic and Chinese wooden toys.  However, nowadays buyers, mostly parents, are finding these toys environment-friendly and safe for their kids. Sanghamitra Ray said, “In terms of toys, I have bought only wooden ones till now. Eco-friendly options and alternatives are available in the market, shopping environmentally conscious becomes it is quite feasible for me.”

Royalkriss Thung, Guest Faculty at Bangalore School of Visual Arts, said, “We have to start using these Channapatna toys as (tools to) story telling in schools and kindergartens. They should have huge Channa Patna toys festival. then people will start using people will be aware about it.” He believes that heritage learning in these educational institutions will bring more exposure to these toys. Heritage tourism to Channapatna can also make a difference.






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