News Bulletin For October 17, 2019

Published on October 19, 2019 by

Stories in and around Bangalore.

Top Story – Passengers using BMTC buses find they have to wait longer for their buses.

Reporter: Saprishi Chakraborty

Second Story – Customers do not get notes of the lower denomination from local ATMs in the city.

Reporter: Swalpi Bajpai

Third Story – BBMP has not met the target to plant saplings of trees felled in the city.

Reporter: Mehak Khajuria

Fourth Story – The number of students dropping out of Government Schools in Bangalore has increased.

Reporter: Archita Srivastava

Fifth Story – Visually impaired students prefer going to the regular school and not special school.

Reporter: Kshipra Petkar

Sixth Story – Senior citizens find it difficult to use the subways in the city.

Reporter: Shreyas Vange

Seventh Story – Delay in Tender Sure road construction on Subedar Chatram Road, Cottonpete Road, and Kalidasa Road causes traffic congestion and hinders commuters.

Reporter: Puja Das


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