CMA students’ future at stake

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Students are worried as the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exams keep getting delayed.

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) has delayed the exam date from June to December 2021. Students are worried that they may miss out on the mandatory internship due to the delay.

D.Sai Priyanka, a CMA Intermediate student, said, “As long as the intermediate exam is not clear, I can’t apply for an internship, and without having a one-year internship, I can’t appear for the finals.”

A CMA student can usually opt to appear for the exam either in June or December, but this year ICMAI has merged the two, increasing the number of candidates appearing for the exam. And, further increasing competition among them. Pravin Bafna, a teacher at Dr. Santosh Rai Institute, Bhilai, said, “Due to merging, the number of students who are clearing CMA will be more. It will increase competition in the market. And CMA interns will get less package than what usually they get.”

Raju Iyer, Vice President, ICMAI Southern Region, said, “Due to covid it has been delayed. But now we’re conducting exams from December 8. It will be an online exam.”

Not only the intermediate but also the CMA finals candidate fear unemployment as a company offers limited apprenticeship. “Each Cost and Management Accountants can have 15 apprenticeships at a time. But the thing is that unless we have sufficient work in our hand, there are audit records and cost account and all. So, unnecessarily we are not going to take that.” said, Subrahmanyam Peri, Cost & Management Accountants Firm, Bilaspur.

More than 90,000 candidates will appear for the exam this year. The delay in exams and fear of failure is increasing anxiety and stress among candidates.

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