Construction of Namma Metro causes air pollution near Dairy Circle

Published on October 5, 2019 by

Construction for Red Line of Namma Metro near Bannerghatta main road is troubling its commuters due to air pollution.

Motorists and pedestrians are affected by air pollution near Dairy Circle, Bannerghatta main road. The Particulate Matter (PM) in the area is two times higher than the standard PM mentioned in the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. Environmental Officer, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Syed Khaja says, “The PM of 2.5 micrograms should be 60 micrograms per meter cube (ug/m3). We found the result (KSPCB) of 113ug/m3 in that area after examining the air quality for 8 hours.”

Commuters are worried about their health and use dust masks while commuting the road. They often have a headache, asthma etc.  Asish Bakshi, a Software Engineer, says, “This pollution is causing skin diseases, asthma, and lung problems. I often have a headache and a cough. While driving we wear helmets, scarf, and muffler to avoid pollution.”

Sreehari M.P, a student of AMC College, says, “While passing by the road I cover my face with a dust mask so that I don’t face breathing problem.”

Restaurants and food stall owners in that area, say that they are worried about their food quality. Bibhupada Das, Manager of a restaurant in that area, says, “This area is so polluted by dust, which is produced from the metro construction. Our customers and staff are affected by the pollution. Every half an hour we clean the entrance space with water.”

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board told BMRCL to apply another method to keep the pollution levels under control. Syed Khaja also adds, “We’ve written a letter to the BMRCL addressing the problem.”

Environmentalists suggest finding the root of air pollution and resolving it in scientifically. Sandeep Anirudhan, an environmentalist, recommends, “Public transport infrastructure must be well planned to resolve the problem. Public transports have to be rationalized so that people use one bus instead of 60 private vehicles. Construction waste management should be followed scientifically. Issues can be solved by planting more trees.”

KSPCB says that if the BMRCL does not take any immediate action they will have a hearing with the authorities in the presence of the chairman to sort the problem out soon.

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