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Namma Bangalore Tree Census app not working as expected.

The Bangalore Tree Census app doesn’t work as it is supposed to. Citizens are still looking forward to the forest department taking a proper tree census. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) and the Karnataka Forest Department have launched an application named Namma Bangalore Tree Census to keep a track of the number of trees in Bengaluru. But most people are not even aware of the existence of this app.

Anjana Appanna, a resident of Bangalore said, “I have never heard of this app which is very disappointing. The amount of tree felling that happens for infrastructural work, for basic construction is what I would love to be aware of. The government should do whatever it can do, you know create awareness about it and get more people to use it. We also need experts to be involved and yes, I think the tree census that was conducted nearly 30 years ago wouldn’t be an updated version of what’s in the city right now.”

The Bangalore Tree Census app has been designed for the citizens to log in their area details and upload photos of the trees. This helps the officials to track the number of trees around a particular area.

Vijay Nishant, an environmentalist and the founder of Project Vruksha said, “I was the one who fought for doing the census. We have received an international award also. We have done censuses in a few areas. Some four years ago, due to Covid and all we have not been very active. The high court gave the order because they didn’t know how to do it, that is why this was launched.”

1987  is the last time when tree census was conducted in the city. The forest department still hopes that people would download the app and use it wisely.

Govind Raj, the authority of the Karnataka Forest Department said, “What can we do, we have given our best, we are advertising it well. Maybe in the coming years, people will get to know about it on their own.” Experts say that the app will give a direction for Bengaluru’s future.

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