Cows in Bangalore are being affected of consuming garbage

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Cows in Bangalore are being affected of consuming garbage.

Garbage is not only considered a human problem, but it also poses a threat to domestic animals.

T.Sree Praharshitha

24th Sept 2022

Cows are being affected by consumption of plastic and other harmful substances like needles which damages domestic animals’ health. Each day at least one such case is seen in the hospitals.

From January 2022, 61 cows have been admitted in the Government Veterinary hospital for this reason. Out of which four died mostly. Dr. Nagarajan, Professor of the Government Veterinary College said that, ‘’the human beings throw the eatables and the waste material with the plastic covers into the dustbins. The cows consume this plastic which is not digestible for them so it stays for a very long time in the stomach.’’

According to the doctor, due to the lack of grazing land in Bangalore, the cows feed on garbage when left to graze.

Gayatri, a worker at the Greenlease- Waste Management Service in Bangalore mentioned that one of the major issues they focus on is the segregation of food waste and dry waste at first so that there are no chances of the plastics getting mixed with the food waste.

The doctor says that at the initial stages of the health issue, it can be treated. If it continues, it gets complicated for the cow.

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