Cycle Accidents Hikes Safety Concerns Among Commuters

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Cyclists worry about their safety as one out of four cycle accidents in Bengaluru are fatal due to lack of cycle-friendly infrastructure.

Bengaluru: Cyclists are worried about their safety due to fatal cycle accidents. According to Traffic Management Corporation, 25 percent of cycle accidents in the city are fatal since 2018.

Piyush Verma, a cycle commuter said, “Sometimes a biker or a car just suddenly passes by you really really fast. That actually can be frightening. There is no cycle lane in the part of city I live. So, that would be welcome.” The city transportation system is constructed according to motorized vehicle. The difference between the speed of motorized and non-motorized transport created an imbalance in the traffic. As the control over the road shifts to motorized transport, the cyclists face injuries and fatal accidents.

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) tried to encourage the cycling community by planning non-motorized transport lanes, parking lots and public bicycle shades near most metro stations. In addition, Bengaluru Smart City Limited (BSCL) collaborated with Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to provide 36 new cycle lanes in the city. But the projects remain incomplete and cycle paths are used as parking lots or storage areas.

The Greenpeace India, 2020 report said that Bengaluru witnessed 12,000 deaths due to air pollution. As around eight-million registered motor vehicles add to the concern, studies suggested cycle as a healthier and sustainable option. According to BYSC, an Amsterdam based NGO’S appointed Bengaluru’s Bicycle Mayor, Sathya Sankaran, “In the time of Covid and climate change, bicycle can revitalise the cities.”

As the safety of the cycle commuter increased DULT released a notification about bicycle-friendly programs like Public Bicycle Sharing and Shared Micro-mobility across the city.

The cycle-enthusiasts around the city volunteered non-government programs like Cycle to Work, Relief Riders, my 15 Minute City. They encouraged cyclists and spread awareness about safety concerns by promoting the use of helmets, safety cross strip belts and curve cycle handle ends.

With a vision to increase the number of cyclists in the city by 35-40 percent by 2030, the BYSC Bicycle Mayor said, “Pedestrians and cyclists are needed to be kept safe by motor vehicles. This is a cultural shift that we need to imbibe in us.”

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