Delay in construction of Cottonpet Road leads to losses

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: Construction of the Cottonpet Road has led to loss in businesses for the people in that area. The people complain of losses of about 50 per cent for the past eight months.

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Date line: Bangalore, 29 August 2019, 7:15pm

The construction of the Cottonpet road has been delayed which is leading to losses for the nearby shopkeepers and businesses. They claim that they are having a hard time managing their everyday expenses due to low earning. The shopkeepers and the lodging (hotel) businesses in the area are suffering losses of above 50per cent.

But, the people of that area are not very happy with the construction. Saadiq, a shopkeeper says, ‘Not a single customer comes to the shops at Cottonpet road. The moment they see the road digging, they return back and don’t come to the shops. We are not able to earn enough because there are no customers and we are not able to bear our day to day expenses.’

Kadhar, manager of a hotel in that area says that, ‘Now we are having less business due to this construction. Water facilities are not available. But now they are doing it. It may be available after sometime.’

The road used to run over a storm water drain. The drain is old and the slabs covering the drain are worn and crumbled. This resulted in the collapsing of the road. The work started with the setting up of the pipes for sewage, water and electricity. The footpaths are also being widened. Earlier they were of around 1.2 metres – 2.5 metres which will now be extended to 1.5 metres – 3.5 metres during the construction, says a BBMP contractor.

BBMP contractor, Ramesh says that it is difficult to work on the road. The road is very narrow for huge excavators and rollers to do the work. This is a 50-year old road. We have started the construction six months ago. There is delay due to other officials as well as due to the working conditions.

There is a delay in the construction of the Cottonpet road due to absence of collaboration and coordination between the departments of BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). Pace of work depends on how and when BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board) completes the laying of pipes of power, sewage and water. There is no proper coordination between BBMP and BWSSB which is resulting in delay in completion of the construction of the road.

While the new pipes were set, the Cauvery water supply was cut for the residents and the other people in that area. BBMP  is  dealing  with  the  work  of  the construction  after the  BWSSB  had  set  up new  pipes  for  water  and  sewage.

The BBMP Executive Engineer, Devaraj said that the construction of the road was proposed in 2017 but was approved in January 2019. The delay in the construction of the road has been delayed due to BWSSB and BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited), which did not work properly and not set up the respective pipelines on time. When the setting of the pipelines will be completed, BBMP will start the work of the white topping of the road.

The BBMP Assistant Executive Engineer, Basu Raj says that, ‘The road collapsed due to the breaking of the slab supporting the drain, so it was decided by the BBMP to construct the full 1.13km road. The work is done for the welfare of the people. Though it is creating a nuisance right now due to the current situation but still later on it will be for the benefit of the people only.’

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