Delay in the construction of Eijapura flyover

Published on January 24, 2023 by

There has been a delay in the construction of the Eijapura flyover in Bangalore that has resulted in creating inconvenience for commuters to travel.

24th Jan, 2023

The BBMP has passed a new tender this year worth Rs 144 crore to complete the delayed project latest by 2024. Transfer of defense and private land clearing of around 40 plus trees, contractor’s insolvency, and BBMP’s failure to handle the legal issues are the main reasons for the delay.

Prem Kumar, a commuter says, “With the barricades, the road has resulted to be narrow and especially during the night, the iron and bricks which are installed under the flyover pillars have come out causing a lot of hardships to the public to cross the road. Reaching our destination on time is a major concern, as traffic delays our journey, we have to wait for long hours approximately 1.5-2 hrs to reach our destination.”

The new tender that has been floated in 2023 with an amount worth Rs 144 crore will be completed by March 2024 without any further delay.

B,S Prahald, an Engineer-in-Chief from BBMP says. “We have floated tenders worth Rs 144 crore to complete the Eijapur flyover which was stalled for three years. It would take an year and a half to complete the remaining work as a part of the project. We have finalized a 15-month programme of completing the flyover, and by 2024 the flyover would be ready for the people to use and travel across places.”

The tender for the flyover project was floated in 2014 and the contract was awarded in May 2017 in favor of the company. However, the company failed to complete the project before the original deadline of November 2019. Multiple issues ranging from transfer of defense and private land clearing of around 40 plus trees and from contractor’s insolvency to BBMP’s failure to handle the legal issues all are involved in the flyover not being constructed well in time.

M.N. Shreehari, Traffic expert says, “The idea of the flyover is to develop a short distance movement in an elevated surface, mainly to avoid congestion, which is a major issue in Bangalore. Generally, what happens is that failure of the contractors and the lag from the corporation in clearing the papers is the main reason for the delay in the work.”





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