Demand for foreign languages

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Demand for Foreign languages

Demand for German and Japanese language classes is rising in Bangalore Central University.

By Sikha Jaiswal

October 01, 2019

The number of people taking up German and Japanese language classes has gone up in Bangalore Central University. The demand for these classes is particularly high this year with about 130 students out of a total of 210 from the Department of Global Languages studying one of these two languages. Most of the students opting for these languages are engineers and IT employees. They say that knowing these languages increase their chances of moving to different countries.

Sushma Deveg, a student of BCU says, “I find it a very comprehensive training to master a foreign language by taking German. I have plans to move to Germany for the requirement that is to be fulfilled for getting into automobile industry.”

More than eleven foreign language classes have been introduced over the past fifteen years , with French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese attracting the most students. There is a demand for students who know multiple languages in the automobile industry and chemical engineering along with job offerings in civil and management professionals.

Dr.Jyothi Venkatesh, Coordinator of Bangalore Central University, says, “German and Japanese are most popular languages that are pursued by the students. Germany and Japan are looking for professionals of nearly 2 and 3 lakh, being one of the major reason for the demand.”

There have been no takers for Russian, Arabic, Italian and Finnish for the past five years. A growing IT industry has contributed to the increase in demand for German and Japanese classes.

Expert Abhishek Menon says, “Foreign language creates an opportunity to add up an additional skill to their existing skills. Being able to communicate in a foreign language helps to make real connection with people and provides a better understanding of your language.” It is all about incorporating learning of one or more foreign language.





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