Driving without DL becomes a Trend

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The number of without driving license drivers is increasing in Bangalore and contributing to the number of accidents.

Bengaluru Traffic Police Data shows an increase in the number of license-less drivers in 2022 by 120 percent.

Karnataka State Police Data shows that in 2020, 10.75 percent accidents were caused by without valid license drivers. Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways data shows that, in 2020, road accidents involving drivers without valid license was 34,854 that were 9.5 percent of the total accidents.

K.S.Diwakar, a Traffic Police, says, “I have seen and checked them many are without driving license. Parents should not give the vehicle to their children. Twenty percent of the without license drivers are under aged. They have been warned and we go to all school colleges and spread awareness. Every week we have not less than four to five classes in each zone. They do not need to go to the Regional Transport Office (RTO)also they can take online interview also it is so much easier nowadays.”

According to Section 181 of the Motor Vehicle Act an individual driving without a valid license and driving by an under aged person shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of three months or shall be charged a fine of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 5000.

According to expert many of the youngsters nowadays take their parents, vehicles and drive without license as they think why license is required when they know how to drive.

Prof.M.N.Shreehari, a Traffic Expert, says “Most of the drivers even though they are aged, who are eligible for a license but without license they are driving and the reason is that they are not procured. So many people think that I know driving so why should I have license. So in such a case accident will not happen accidentally but it will happen purposefully.”

It has been seen that the number of license-less drivers is rising rapidly year by year.

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