EV enthusiasts bring new innovations to the ground

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Automobile Industry comes up with new technologies to promote electronic vehicles.

Bengaluru held its second Green Vehicle Expo from 27th to 29th November where several new and old companies came to showcase their innovations. Around 80 participants came forward to exhibit and promote new electronic vehicle models and related technologies.

Takshi Auto Components Pvt Ltd brought in new power trained motor to run 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler EVs whereas Siloxane Aggrandise Innovative Industries introduced the visitors the concept of recyclable polymers used in making parts of EVs.

Exhibitors from different states introduced their products to the visitors which were well received by them. Prashant Pande, General Manager of Takshi Auto Components Pvt Ltd said, “We are expecting the clients who understand technically. People want reliable product, high life, warranty and ultimately the safety of the consumer.”

Aman Mishra, Project Engineer for SEMCO Infratech while highlighting the future prospects of EVs in India said, “These are the boomers. Right now in this segment, most of the vehicles are EV. As per government policies, in five to ten years maybe some more changes, facilities, subsidies are going to be to the customers.”

The exhibition consisted of electronic and hybrid vehicles, EV charging machines, GPS systems and allied products conducted by Mid Day Marketing. The Indian electric vehicle market in 2020 was estimated to be 3 thousand crore and is expected to reach 37 thousand crore  by 2026.

Lakshman Rao, professor from RR Institute of Advanced Studies who came to see the exhibition shared that after ten years automobile industry is going to take the revolutionary stay. “Upcoming technologies are excellent and is a good input for our investments”, said Lakshman.

Dr. K Deepa, Assistant professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru said, “A common difference between an IC engine and EV motors are less moving parts and so higher efficiency of EVs over IC. When battery swapping is introduced this cost factor also will be removed, since major share of the cost is for battery.” 

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