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People not following safety protocols while bursting crackers during Diwali leads to serious eye injuries.

Bangalore: Major hospitals in Bengaluru say that bursting firecrackers during Diwali has led to around 70 cases of eye injuries which is an increase of 20% compared to previous year.

Dr Chithra Sheshadri, Ophthalmologist, Narayana Nethralaya said, “We have treated 32 patients in just two or three days out of which one required surgical intervention as it was a very serious injury and is currently getting treated. Out of the 32 patients, 21 were below the age group of 18.”

Eye injuries occur when people keep their faces close to the crackers while lighting them. When the cracker bursts, the chemical from the cracker comes in contact with their eyes, causing irritation.

Ophthalmologists also say that the heat which is generated from the crackers cause burns and inflammation in the eye. Moreover, if the cracker bursts with a lot of impact, one can even end up with a very serious eye injury.

They also say that eye accidents attributed to bursting crackers can cause blood clotting in the posterior part of the eye, rupture the optic nerve, and cause allergic conjunctivitis.

Tirtha Biswas, an eye patient said, “While bursting crackers, a tiny part hit my eye. It was paining a lot. I went to the hospital immediately. The doctors said that if the impact would have been a little more, I would have lost my vision. However, they gave me a drop and few medicines and asked me to rest for a week.”

Experts say that such injuries can be reduced if crackers are burst in large and open spaces. It is also important to create awareness programs before the festive season so that they can educate people.

Dr Sujatha Rathod, Director, Minto Opthalmic Hospital, said, “One should not go close to the crackers; they should keep their face away from the crackers and use a long lighting stick be it agarbatti or whatever. One should also monitor their children.”

Not following safety measures appropriately, contributes to most injury cases during Diwali. The eye injuries, if not treated in time may result in the permanent loss of vision.

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