For your Ranveer, dress like Deepika

Published on February 1, 2019 by

Brides in the city look for the replicas of Bollywood celebrities’ wedding outfits.

Brides in the city want to dress just like their favourite Bollywood actresses. Designers in the city say brides demand for sarees or lehengas which are similar to what the actresses Anushka Sharma or Deepika Padukone wore on their wedding days. Several designers say that they have to compromise with their creativity as they are mostly making replicas.

“Eight out of ten brides ask for similar outfits. It is difficult to give them the exact design but I create something similar or a replica,” Kamal Manickath, head designer of Soucika Bridal boutique, Indiranagar, said.

Brides said they prefer replicas because of their unique designs. It costs them somewhere around 40,000 rupees.

“The main thing is the design and the cut. You cannot get the same kind of design everywhere. That is what makes these designers interesting and amazing.”  Palak Agarwal who is looking for a wedding outfit said.

However, designers also said that explaining to customers that the same outfit may not suit them is difficult.  

“It is a task. Some customers listen but some don’t. After wearing they realize and then they ask for my suggestion. We then have to make some alterations,” Preeti Sarna, owner of Aaina bridal boutique, Ejipura main road, said.

Experts said Television shows and movies affect people’s mind.

“People behind Bollywood are the experts and they know what is going to be the future of styling and design. It goes to the public via movies and TV shows. It affects people’s mind,” Sourabh Kumar, professor, Pearl Academy (Fashion Institute), Delhi, said.

However, various designers say that their creativity is compromised as they only create replicas.     


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