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Camouflage tattoos are an increasingly popular way for individuals to cope with their insecurities and self-perceived imperfections.

Bengaluru: Many tattoo artists across the city have noticed an increase in the demand for camouflage tattoos with almost 50 percent increase in their business. In the past year, more than 25 tattoo artists have started offering this service.

Pradeep Junior, owner of Astron Tattoos said, “In last three years we have seen an upward trend of people doubling in numbers every year. The reason of this is that everyone has a positive body image these days and want to look good. This is what makes the demand increase these days.” He added that the price of these tattoos start at Rs 4500 and depends on the dimensions of the skin that needs to be covered.

Camouflage tattooing is the process of tattooing the skin with different skin tone pigments to disguise scars, stretch marks, permanent wounds and skin diseases such as discoloured skin patches, vitiligo and alopecia.

S. Molly, a customer, was insecure because of her stretch marks and opted for camouflage tattoos after not getting effective results from expensive medical procedures. She said, “Because of gaining weight I had stretch marks. What was affecting me more were the blemishes on my body and I wanted to conceal it. So I opted for various medical procedure like lasers, PRP and what not. So instead of getting the stretch marks concealed, they were leaving much more scars because of the after effect of the burns and was not effective.” While searching for other measures, she found out about camouflage tattoos and was impressed with the results.

Dr. ValliKiran Manduva, psychiatrist said, “There are body conditions like body dysmorphic disorder where people are not comfortable with their own body image even though their bodies are normal and want treatment for that.At the core of the whole thing, these tattoos do help people become confident in their own body image at a deeply personal level.”

Karthik, tattoo artist at Sculp Tattoos said that clients first need a patch test to see if the skin accepts the tattoos as it is done on skin that is weak. The number of sessions are decided thereafter depending on the tattoo and its design. Plastic surgeons argue that there is a lack of certified medical tattoo artists. However, one should get the tattoo at a safe environment and from an experienced tattoo artist. Dr. N. Jithendran, plastic surgeon at Apollo Clinic said, “Whenever you do a tattoo it leaves an ink inside the body. If the body doesn’t react to the ink its fine but if it reacts to the ink there is a problem.”

The use of the right type of micro needle is crucial for camouflage tattoos. Tattoos on skin that is weak is a challenge as it cannot handle the amount of pain that regular skin can.


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