Heavy transport vehicles cases on the rise in Bangalore

Published on November 21, 2022 by

The number of heavy transport vehicles cases entering the city limits during peak hours has increased in Bangalore.

Heavy transport vehicles are not allowed to enter the city limits during peak hours. But according to the data provided by the Traffic Management Centre, the number of cases booked for this violation has increased 11times than the previous year.

Traffic police said that heavy vehicles occupy a lot of space on the roads causing traffic jam, hence they are stricter in the implementation of the rules. Mr. B.C Chennakeshava a head constable said “The laws have been made more stringent. To avoid the traffic congestion in the city we have made the laws stricter and also fine the drivers.”

Traffic police collects Rs 500 as fine from truck drivers entering the city during peak hours. This fine is increased to Rs 1000 if the same truck repeats the offence. The members of the Federation of Karnataka State Lorry Owners And Agency Association said that since the drivers are not aware about the rules, they enter the city during peak hours.  Mr. N. Umesh said “We are made to wait for two to three hours. This has a great impact on our business. When we enter the city, loading and unloading becomes problematic as it takes a lot of time.”

Experts said that more police personnel should be located at the check points to stop the heavy vehicles from entering the city. Prof. M.N Shreehari, Transportation and Traffic Expert said, “The trucks should travel by using the outskirts of the city if available or park it somewhere and start operating it once it is 10pm. In Tumkur Road as well we have made a similar provision where the trucks take rest and later at night they start operating.”

Prof. Shreehari also suggested that by building infrastructure like satellite town ring road or outer ring road will help in avoiding the entry of heavy vehicles in the city.


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