Increase in the number of obesity cases in Females

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The cases of obesity have increased amongst females between the age group 15-49 yrs.

3rd Dec, 2022 According to the National Family Health Survey report 5(2019-2020), the number of obesity cases have increased in Karnataka amongst the age group from 15-49, especially in females post pandemic.

Sakshi Jaiswal, a law student says, “When I was at my study phase in college, I was bullied by my classmates, who every time use to stare and gossip about me, that embarrassed me a lot. In all functions, I could not move my hand and leg properly because of my weight. That was one phase that I just cannot forget, and I believe that being fat is not the issue, but being overweight is that it can lead to many health implications in the future, just like I was nearing to get diabetes, as I was excessively fat.”

Deepali Saxena, a parent believes that, “Nowadays, with kids having excessive weight it is because of junk food, it is advisable that kids should stay away from junk food, and they should eat a healthy and a balanced diet like fruits and juices that can help them from further health implications.”

According to National Family Health Survey report 4(2015-16), the cases of obesity have increased drastically in females. Absence of proper nutrition and exercise is the main cause of this disorder increasing post pandemic.

Nidhi Nigam, a nutritionist says,” The age group of 15-49, is when girls attain puberty and it is the crucial time for their reproductive health, so getting iron and calcium supplements is extremely important. People should also cut out on oil and fatty food that can add up to your body weight, and should get some nutrition based diet. If you follow a balanced diet, you will not face obesity and also stay hydrated and get good sleep.”





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