Increase in the number of Oral Cancer cases in Bangalore

Published on January 24, 2023 by

There has been a 12% increase in the number of Oral Cancer cases in Bangalore

24th Jan, 2023

Data from the Kidwai institute of Oncology shows a rapid increase of 12% in the number of oral cancer cases in the city. Kidwai alone sees around 1200 new oral cases every year. Karnataka sees 15000 new oral cancer cases every year and has an existing case load of 35,000.

Umesh Pant, a relative of the patient says, “My elder brother was detected with 4th stage   oral cancer. The treatment went on for months but still there were less chances for his survival. At the start of the case, one white patch on the upper portion of his mouth was witnessed and gradually it turned red, which we ignored. But after3- 4 months, it turned out to be a huge big ulcer that started to give out huge flow of blood.”

In India, around 77,000 new cases and 52,000 deaths are reported annually, which is approximately one-fourth of the global incidences. As per the statistics from the hospital, in Karnataka every year an estimated 21,000 cases, which is 24% of all cancer cases are related to tobacco.

Dr Rajashekhar Raja, Oncologist says, “The cases of oral cancer are increasing, and the main reason for the increase is the intake of tobacco and alcohol. We know that many youngsters are falling prey to this and are having this bad habit. The other causes are the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) viral infection and few other reasons can increase the risk of this cancer. In order to help the patients having cancer, many schemes like Arogya Shree scheme and the government and central government has its own heath schemes.”

Proper awareness needs to be spread in order to help people stop this pleasure activity of consuming tobacco and excess of alcohol. The government and NGOs also help by conducting screening in rural areas to curate the symptoms on a timely basis.

Dr Mohini, Assistant Professor of Oral Oncology Department says, “Oral cancer cases no doubt is increasing in Karnataka on a recurring basis. The main issue about the increase is lack of awareness being given to people about the excessive usage of tobacco and alcohol in adults. Proper literacy must be spread about such issues so that people know about the consequence.”


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