Indian students stuck in Ukraine amidst war

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Vladimir Putin, after weeks of uncertainty, announces war on Ukraine. Indian students in Ukraine are not being able to fly out and return to safety.

More than 18000 Indian students await clarity from government authorities as Russian President Vladmir Putin announces war on Ukraine.

Students, from the Kharkiv National Medical University, said that they heard and felt shockwaves at 5 in the morning when Russia had bombarded the border cities. But they were yet to receive information by the government, embassy, or their agents about their evacuation.

“Today morning at five, I think, we were sleeping and suddenly we heard the boom. I could feel the shockwaves. You know the whole building felt a thud. We knew something was off.” said Akshay H a fourth-year medical student in Kharkiv. “We are hoping that there is something by like an evacuation by the Indian government, but nothing so far. I want to getout of here. I don’t think Ukraine is safe,” he added.

In its latest notification issued on Thursday, the Indian embassy in Ukraine had requested students to stay wherever they were. This came two days after the embassy had asked the students to evacuate immediately rather than wait for universities’ confirmation.Previous to this, on February 20, the students were advised to remain calm and continue with their offline classes.

Students complained that they were confused and unsure as to what their plan of action should be.

“The same agents were communicating earlier that everything was fine. Our university was insisting to stay here for offlineclasses, and we were forced to stay here. Whenever we took the issue to the concerned people it didn’t work.” said Akshay H.

Students had been planning to travel to a city in the western part of the country, L’viv, in case of an attack and fly from there.

“Flying out during war is hard luck. If you are lucky, you will be able to fly out. People are more friendly in the west of Ukraine. I have planned to take a train to L’viv and stay there and later travel to Poland and fly back. Seems more practical that to fly from Kyiv,” said Vasudevan Girishraj, another student from Kharkiv National Medical University.

However, students say that there is news that the city might befall danger or be compromised.The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India does not seem to have given adequate direction on how to approach the issue yet.

“I think you should wait for our notification and media briefing; they will tell you righty then. I am not allowed to.” said an official of MEA.

Indian students, without any information regarding their evacuation, witness to the attacks by Russia. They are unable to tell their families, who are panicking, the real situation.

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