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Published on March 9, 2022 by

The trend of using digital invitation cards is adversely impacting the traditional card printing business.

As wedding bells ring, invitations for the same were composed of songs and photomontages. People switched from printed invitation cards to digital invitation cards. Social media became a medium where couples shared their wedding invitations.

Charanjit Singh Wasu, parent of a couple who used digital invitation cards, said, “The cost was very effective when we went for it. Digital cards don’t cost anything whereas printed cards cost a lot. It is also hassle-free. We contributed to the saving of environment also, saving my money also and saving my time also. In this mobile world digital world is very easy. You not only save on one thing you save on many things.”

However, being a creative idea, the digital invitation card business did face losses. Ashok, who is a manager at Kings of Cards Pvt. Ltd, wedding cards said, “People nowadays either want a digital invitation card to be designed or the want to make a video invitation. In the last 5-6 years of the wedding season, we had less number of customers. The business has gone down by almost 50 percent of what we used to earn during the wedding season. We are trying our best to switch to this new tradition. We are thinking of switching to digital medium soon.”

The pandemic was one of the factors for the losses incurred by these businesses. Meghana Raghuraj, who works as a graphic designer at Artmosphere, said, “It’s a great medium to earn because you need a graphic design in every field nowadays and good design is in demand” As the world moves ahead, some traditional crafts get left behind in the pixelated dust.


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