ISI helmets have yet not come into play

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Besides making Indian Standards Institute (ISI) approved helmets mandatory, people are yet not abiding by the rules.

Many shopkeepers are still selling non-ISI marked helmets especially roadside vendors. People buy non-ISI helmets because they are cheap in price and also due to lack of awareness.

ISI marked helmets has been made mandatory in the country and fines are chargeable if the rule is not followed. A two-wheeler rider not wearing ISI marked helmet will be fined Rs.1000. But despite that fines are yet not been charged.

Biker K.Govindappa says, “I have to wear ISI helmet to save my head. I don’t know why they sell non-ISI helmets, it’s against the law and it should not be done. Traffic Police, Assistant Sub Inspector, S.K.Suresh says, “No we are not charging any fines for non-ISI helmets as the commissioner told that first spread awareness and then only charge any fines.” Traffic Police, Head Constable, Gururaj.N.T says, “Riders who ride without ISI helmets, if accident happens then it leads to spot death. Many people are dying due to that.”

Besides not using ISI helmets, it is also been seen that the number of helmetless riders is increasing every year. This year in 2022 the number of helmetless riders has gone up by 3.01 percent and 5.51 percent. According to the data shown by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it is seen that in 2020, 30.1 percent of people died and 26 percent were injured due to helmetless driving.

According to Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, “Every person above four years of age, driving or riding or being carried on a motorcycle of any class or description shall, while in a public place, wear protective headgear conforming to ISI standards.”And those who are found breaking Section 129 will have to pay a penalty according to Section 194D of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 which says, “Whoever drives a motor cycle or causes or allows a motor cycle to be driven in contravention of the provisions of Section 129 or the rules or regulations made there under shall be punishable with a fine of one thousand rupees and he shall be disqualified for holding licence for a period of three months.” Also, according to Section 138(4) (F) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 at the time of purchase of the two-wheeler, the manufacturer of the two-wheeler shall supply protective headgear conforming to specifications prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986. Many are not aware about this also.

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