Lack of Doctors in PHCs

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Problems are never ending in the lives of people residing at Chornur village. Among those problems one is in spite of having PHC no doctors are there. Patients are complaining about the doctors that doctors are not available in PHC.

Pina Sheikh, a patient of that hospital says “Most important problem is there is no doctor. They are not coming timely and we have to wait for several hours.”

Another group of people also claimed that they didn’t even know his face. Only one doctor come but he also does not maintain time. They also don’t get medicine, not even a single tablet even after having medicine in medicine storeroom. So, they have to go 18 kilometer far to get medicine.

Though there are medicines available in the store rooms.

The on duty pharmacist also says, it’s not a new problem. He also added if doctor should come by 9.30 they will come 11 or 11.30. They also claimed that doctor came to the PHC late and after two to three hour they go for private practice.

On duty pharmacist Srinivas Shetty says “I am the pharmacist here, I’m not the doctor but usually I prescribe the medicine. But if something happens no one can blame me.”

The local Panchayat Authority took action only 3-4 months before, whereas according to the Pharmacist of that PHC this problem is going on for seven to eight years.

Gram Panchayat pradhan Viruppa says, “I have lodged complain to my higher authority. I have made complain several times but there is no response.”

Medical Advisor Rita.R says, “It is necessary to have minimum have 1 doctor in any PHCs. If doctor are not there Panchayat should take immediate action. People of that village also need to take more initiative to their panchayat pradhan.”

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