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Home gardeners help coco-peat business grow.

Gardening is one of the hobbies which people took up during pandemic. This led to the increase in the sale of coco-peat also, as coco-peat is a major nutrient for plants.

Sudha Gupta, a gardening enthusiast said, “In every 3 months I purchase 3 to 4 kgs of coco-peat. I came to know about this through the gardening tutorial and from the gardener from where I purchase all the plants.”

Coco-peat sales see a surge as more people turn towards gardening. A coco-peat block which is available in the market comes for Rs. 90. It becomes easy for a person to pick a bulk of blocks.

Udai, a nursery owner said, “During the pandemic also, people came to me and purchased a lot of plants and they also purchased coco-peat. The sales of coco-peat have increased.”

The increase in the sale, has benefited the manufacturers also, they are happy that there is more demand. The manufactures ensure that the bulk reaches the nursery on time and it also reaches the enthusiast.

Satish V, the Director of Mysore Fertilizer Company said, “Coco-peat is one of the materials used for the soil. Suppose if I get about one kg of soil mix, the coco-peat will be about 15 percent. Definitely some sales have taken off, about 10-15 percent I can say.”

He also added that the demand increases more during the farming seasons and also during wedding season as the demand for vegetables and flowers also increases at that point of time. Both the gardeners and the manufactures are happy as their business is booming.

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