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Books cafes are becoming a major profitable trend in Bengaluru.

Book cafes attract a larger population of youth and even office going people because of which there is an increment in their revenue. Now you don’t have to choose between a library and a café, you can have both at one place.

Bharat Raghavan, a writer and a regular visitor of Dialogues café said, “I have been coming to Dialogues for last 2 and a half or 3 months now. This is one of the rare book cafes where you actually have the quiet and peace required to work and to come up with new ideas at the same time you are at the middle of everything. This makes Dialogues a very special café.”

These cafes offer a variety of services, like books to borrow, free Wi-Fi, art exhibitions, a place for stand-up performance. Even the food they provide is very reasonable. Many cafes also charge on hourly basis and not on what food you are ordering.

Ruquaiyyah Abuwala, Manager of Dialogues Cafe said, “It not a cafe we call it a social space. We have a very different kinds of spaces in one place. We have a quiet large glass room cum library and we have a pretty good collection of books available. The space brings people together through books, through creativity and entrepreneurship.”

Book cafes are seeing an increase in footfall, through the pandemic. Some cafes report a profit of 45 percent.

Sanjiv Kumar, a Business Analyst said, “We don’t have people coming in individual bookstores. So, they prefer to club with these kinds of things. It is also about the availability of places for people to hangout.”

Experts say more of these trends are expected in the near future.

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