Patients Troubled Without Specialists

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Karnataka lacks 66 percent of its required specialists in its community health centers.

Bengaluru: The Central Health Statistics data of Karnataka says that its Community Health Centers(CHCs) are running with a shortage of 504 specialists i.e., 66 percent of the required specialists. The health centers require 756 specialists to run the health care system. The situation creates a big problem among people, especially in emergency cases like pregnancy complications or severe accidents.

Laxmi, a patient’s relative, said, “My sister was in labor pain last month. There were some complications. When we took her to the hospital no doctor was there, they asked us to go somewhere else. The auto driver said that this happens in other cases also.”

Community Health Centre or CHC is a referral center for every four PHCs covering a population of almost 80,000 to 1.2 lakh people. According to the Indian Public Health Standards Guidelines, a PHC should have four specialists i.e., surgeon, gynecologists’, physician and pediatrician with 21 paramedical and other staffs.

The Karnataka Health Department have sanctioned 499 specialists last year. However, only 252 have occupied the positions. (Waiting for govt’s beat)

Experts blame the medical education system. The proportion of seats for undergraduate and postgraduate in medical colleges in India are not maintained. Thus, most of the medical students can’t get into specialized fields. Madhu Priya, a student at AIIMs said, “The number of postgraduate seats in India is very less. That is like 1 is to 10 ratios. Even the working condition is not that good, thus most of the students are bleeding to foreign countries for a better life. That is the reason why the posts are vacant.”

The government data also stated that the requirement of specialists in the year 2005 was 1016, however the shortfall was 325 i.e., 31 percent. Thus, the shortage of specialists in Karnataka Community Health Centers have doubled since 2005.


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