Residential doctors’ protest

Published on December 3, 2021 by

Strike against hike.

As resident doctors at Victoria hospital go on protest, patients suffer.

Ahna Prakash

November 29, 2021. Bangalore.

Resident doctors at Victoria hospital go on strike against fee hike, allocation of covid allowance and delayed NEET counselling.

“Our fee went from 30, 000 to 1 lakh thirty thousand, without any explainable reason. There is a hike of 500%. And around 2000 doctors were recruited for rural services. None of them got internship which we call compulsory rural service. None of them are being paid a single month stipend. We plan on indefinite strike”, says Namrata, member and former president of Karnataka Resident Doctor.

Due to delay in NEET counselling, there is a lot of burden on resident doctors. Currently only 500 resident doctors are there where there should be 800. Patients wait for doctor and medical treatment.

“I went there for scanning, but they are saying there is no guarantee when will it happen. Now my child is in pain” says father of a patient. The superintendent of Victoria hospital hasn’t made any official statement. Maytry, lawyer, informed us that, “The medical supridentent of BMCRI said that he has no idea when the funds will be released. And when the incoming third wave is coming we should not be gathering like this.”

It’s been over a year and resident doctors have not received their allowances. So they continue to protest in hope that their demands are met.


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