Residents of Bellary district are affected by the dust borne pollution

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Mining in Bellary has resulted in an increase in dust borne diseases in the district. Almost 50-60% people are suffering from Asthma due to dust pollution caused by rampant mining over the last few years. Dust pollution is the major cause of diseases in this area.

Local residence S. Somashwara says, “Dust is the main problem here. Road is full of dust. We are all suffering from skin diseases, lung problem, breathing problem. No one taking any action”. RSPM (Respirable suspended particular matter) levels range between 103 to 1,119 micro gram/ cubic metre (µg/m3) while Explain SPM (Suspended Particular matter) levels ranged between 201 and 1,195 µg/m3.

Doctor of Taranagara PHC Tarun says, “URTI disease is very common here like eye infections, Lung disease, Cynocytis disease. It is only because of dust which also harm childrens and out of 100 people 40-50% this kind of cases we find here every day.” Doctors at the Taranagara say that cases of asthma have increased by 4 times over the last 3 years.

According to the last data there were 8015 cases of dust borne diseases in 2011 at bellary district.“We have complained to JSW for several times. But there is no response. They should have splash water through the road but there is no response.” Expert also says government should take immediate action on this matter.

Sandeep Anirudhan an environmentalist says, “The collateral damage of mining is that villages, forest destroyed and there will be a high amounts of particular matter in the air which will make pollution.  Solution should be If we do not move away from the sustainable way of living, then only it is possible.”

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