Residents of JP Nagar hassled by garbage

Published on September 28, 2019 by

Residents of JP Nagar claim they’re forced to dump garbage in vacant plots as the area has no regular door to door collection by the BBMP.

Residents of JP Nagar, Ward 196, complain that the BBMP does not collect garbage door to door on a regular basis. Divya Shukla, who stays in Nandini Garden apartments, said, “BBMP vehicle does not make an announcement on the loudspeaker neither does it whistle to inform its arrival.”

According to the BBMP By-laws for Solid Waste Management under the Garbage collection; “The service agency responsible for collecting garbage should announce its arrival either by blowing a whistle or through a loudspeaker. The BBMP will also specify a day for door-to-door collection of bulky waste and horticulture and garden waste, as per the draft by-laws. BBMP will ensure door-to-door or point-to-point collection of e-waste on payment basis, at least once every two weeks.”

Residents also claim that following their complaint, the BBMP only cleared half the garbage.

The BBMP Corporator for the ward, K Somashekhar said, “Our vehicle comes everyday to collect wet waste while dry waste is collected only on Tuesdays and Fridays. We blow whistle and also announce our arrival.”

Currently, garbage can be seen piled up in at least six places in the same ward. A few of these spots have stagnant water that can lead to the spread of diseases like dengue.

N S Ramakanth- Environmentalist (Solid Waste Management Round Table) talks about the diseases that can be spread through garbage piling up. “Garbage is the cause of diphtheria, malaria. In case the garbage van doesn’t come, you should segregate the waste. Put it in a green bucket and cover it with leaves and put cockpit. The microbes will decompose it; the process will take around 6-7 days. It’ll slowly get decomposed and all the harmful effects will be taken away from there so there is no necessity to throw the garbage anywhere.”

He also said, “In the near future Bangalore is to get modern apps which will capture the picture of anyone found throwing the garbage and then they will be duly fined.”


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